At King Ruby Group we can help you increase your home’s energy rating and thermal performance.   

Our consultants will offer a reliable, fast and friendly service with practical solutions at an affordable price, to improve your home’s energy efficiency.
Introduced from the 1st of January 2011, the compulsory 6 Star Energy Rating Standard, now requires all new homes in Victoria to offer a wide range of energy efficiency and water saving features, improving occupant comfort and reducing energy bills.

As a result our clients will enjoy new and renovated homes that are:

of better quality and more comfortable
cheaper to operate
environmentally sound
good for Victoria's economy
This brings Victoria in line with national standards. The new standard for extensions, renovations or relocations applies to the thermal performance of a home and does not require a solar hot water system or a rainwater tank for toilet flushing.

A King Ruby Group accredited energy rater will be able to provide the required documentation, stamp and sign off the plans to be submitted for building approval.