The King Ruby Homes design brief is driven by the key principles of passive design; that we see as a critical element of innovation. This element of creativity includes ground-breaking building methodology and other sustainable technologies that enable our homes to achieve the desired status of a truly modern, sustainable home. King Ruby Homes Design & Construct creates designs that carefully utilise not only the current in-demand techniques (such as solar panels, water tanks, fibre optics etc.) but also the traditional method of passive design principles.

As a minimum standard, our homes are orientated to suit the site and context to control solar gain for appropriate times of the year: maximised in winter, and minimised in summer. Features such as deciduous trees and eaves will aid in that objective. We find that utilising these traditional methods will undoubtedly be a canvas for achieving up to 7 stars. In addition to these basic design techniques, we can also incorporate double glazed windows, materials with higher thermal mass, insulation with higher R values just to name a few. A collection of creative contemporary façades will amalgamate the clients’ vision with King Ruby Design & Construct experience.

All King Ruby we custom design all residences to suit the personal and/or financial requirements of the client; each floor plan is catered towards the best possible outcome for the site. Aside from designing from inception; If the client wishes to choose from a range of existing King Ruby Designs, we will modify them, as appropriate to gain the maximum usage of the site. Flexibility is the key, and with a team of specialized building designers, King Ruby Design & Construct can provide a suitable design outcome for any building need.